Anti-Corruption Policy

Many countries, where Chimlaborreaktiv LLC conducts business, have bribery and other anti-corruption laws that are intended to prevent companies and individuals from gaining an unfair advantage and from undermining the rule of law. Breaking these laws has severe consequences and often applied no matter in which jurisdiction the breach took place.

The Ukrainian anti-corruption-related rules are fragmented and scattered around various legal acts. The most relevant include:

  • the Law of Ukraine on the Prevention of Corruption of 14 October 2014, 1700-VII;
  • the Criminal Code of Ukraine of 5 April 2001; and
  • the Code of Administrative Offences of Ukraine of 7 December 1984.

Furthermore Ukraine is signed up to the following conventions:

  • the Council of Europe Civil Law Convention on Corruption, ratified on 9 September 2005;
  • the Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention on Corruption, ratified on 27 November 2009;
  • the UN Convention against Corruption, ratified on 2 December 2009; and
  • United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, ratified on 4 February 2004 and the Protocols.

Chimlaborreaktiv LLC is bending every effort to comply with all abovementioned as well as to conform to international standards of bribery-free business relationships. We must never offer or accept bribes or kickbacks, and must not participate in or facilitate corrupt activities of any kind. In addition, Chimlaborreaktiv LLC strives to work with partners and contractors whose reputation is not tarnished by incidents related to corruption and bribery.


Our DO’S




• When doing business with governments, consult with the Legal Department to be certain you are aware of any special rules that apply;
• Do not participate in schemes and activities aimed at unjust enrichment, or the receipt of disparate compensations and benefits, commissions and fees;
• Prudently select business partners in order to prevent any negative impact on the reputation of Chimlaborreaktiv LLC;
• Do not receive or offer bribes, and encourage corrupt activities.
• Bring to the attention of partners, contractors, government and public organizations our policies aimed at preventing corruption;
• Do not use affiliates or third parties for the purpose of unlawful and illegal activities;
• Upon becoming aware of breach of rules and principles for the prevention of corruption and bribery on the part of partners and contractors, inform your supervisor or the Legal Department officer about violations of these rules.
• Do not perform any act aimed at providing the government employees and officials with any funds, gifts, benefits or other proposals containing benefits for state employees and officials beyond the thresholds permitted by applicable law and/or, in order to obtain benefits or a priority position.